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Please do not feed the ducks

I find the irony of this sign worth talking about.... This sign says "People food is junk for for ducks" . Well the sorry truth is that junk food for ducks is also junk food for humans! It goes on to say that "Breads, crackers.... lack the minerals birds need to be strong and healthy, and can lead to illness, disease and excess weight gain." Again, breads and crackers have the exact same effect on humans, including our children. It might seem obvious that just as ducks have a proper food type for their species and bread/ crackers are not it, humans also have a right food for our species type and it does not look like the Standard American Diet (SAD) or include bread and crackers. It does look like what our Hunter Gatherer ancestors ate for thousands of generations before us, meat, vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds and water.

The lack of good nutritional education for humans is contributing to the chronic disease and obesity epidemic in our country. As Dr. James Chestnut states in his book Live Right for Your Species Type, " The human and financial costs of chronic illness (due to living and eating wrong for the human species) are staggering. In the U.S. alone, heart disease and stroke cost over $1.3 billion, cancer $625 million, diabetes $477 million, obesity $402 million, and digestive disorders $337 million- PER DAY! By 2002 spending on prescription drugs alone had reached $3.5 billion per day, and by 2013 had surpassed $7 billion per day. This equates to $292 million per hour or $4.9 million per minute. It is estimated that by 2017, medical treatments for chronic illness will cost $4.3 trillion dollars per year in the U.S alone. On a per capita basis, these figures apply to virtually every industrialized nation." (references are listed in his book). What this tells me is that we are bankrupting and killing our nation and ourselves one slice of bread or cracker or donut or slice of pizza at a time. Consider eliminating "duck junk food" from your diet too. You will feel better, be healthier and look healthier too.

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