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Dr. Kimberly Kohr, DC

Dr. Kimberly Kohr is a graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic has been a practicing chiropractor since 1992.  Dr. Kohr combines her 20 years of clinical experience, hundreds of hours of post-graduate nutritional study and specific training in Nutrition Response Testing to provide a results-driven clinician-monitored nutritional protocol.  Each patient is assessed as an individual and a customized nutrition program is developed accordingly.  Regular clinician monitoring and re-assessment insures that supplement choices and amounts are just what the body needs at that time.


This approach allows for an efficient use of time and resources in a patients journey to health, ultimately saving money on unnecessary or poorly-timed nutritional supplements.

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Nutrition Response Testing

Nutrition Testing


What is Nutritional Testing?

Nutrition Testing is a clinician monitored whole-food supplement based approach to improving health and function. Neurological reflex testing is utilized to define and create a dynamic and patient-specific nutritional protocol. The doctor uses specific whole-food supplements that have been developed to a very high standard, with all complexes and cofactors intact and biologically available. Strict laboratory monitoring ensures consistent nutrient quality and concentrations throughout the manufacturing process.The neurological reflex testing insures that your body gets the correct nutrients in the correct concentrations at the correct time.


How does it work?

A thorough evaluation using neurological reflex testing reveals areas of weakness and imbalance in the body. The same testing protocol is then used to determine what your body needs to correct the weaknesses and imbalances. Your progress is monitored regularly with appropriate supplement changes made as your body repairs and strengthens.


I take vitamins already, isn’t that enough?

Most commonly available vitamins are synthetic and/or molecular isolates. Our bodies are designed to use nutritional components in groups or “complexes”. When the cofactors are absent, your body gets minimal, if any, real benefit from these products. Additionally, the “shotgun” effect (throwing a whole bunch of vitamins at the body and hoping some will help) is unreliable and gives a false sense of security. It can even have a profoundly negative effect: Your body will actually leach away its own nutrients to try and process the incomplete and excess chemistry. If you are taking one of the few higher quality vitamins available, missing cofactors or systemic inefficiencies can be preventing your body from getting the most out of them.


Do I have to give up [insert favorite food/vice here]?

Initially I try to minimize what you have to “give-up”. Instead we start by adding actual nutrients to your routine and tracking the changes. If a tangible improvement can be expected, recommendations might be made to alter some lifestyle and eating habits.


How long until I’m healthy?

Our bodies regenerate constantly. Your skin “replaces” itself every few weeks and your liver every couple of years. All tissues in your body have a replacement timeline. The whole-food supplementation provides your body with the absolute highest quality building materials for the replacementI cells. Your individual physiological needs, as well as your level of follow-through will ultimately dictate how long it takes you to reach your health goals. That said, this is often a process measured in months, and in some cases years. The regular monitoring provides solid reference points of progress and is invaluable to track where in the health spectrum you are at any given time.


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