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Naturally Occurring Vitamins Proven Safe and Beneficial: Synthethic Vitamins Shown to be Ineffective

I believe most people will agree that taking a multi-vitamin is good for your health and indeed it is. The vitamin and mineral content of much of our commercially processed food is lacking in sufficient micro-nutrients that are necessary for vibrant health. What most people do not consider is the source of their multi-vitamin supplement. The supplement industry is not immune from bad science, shady marketing or unethical business practices, like I would hope. Did you know that many synthetic vitamins are processed from coal tar? (YES, COAL TAR!) Choosing a multivitamin/ mineral that contains naturally occurring vitamins and minerals from certified organic plants and is free of synthetic vitamins matters to your health. Be aware of companies that put a tiny amount of organic ingredients and then label it "contains organic ingredients". For the product to be fully certified organic the label must have an organic certification stamp. It is very expensive to extract naturally occurring vitamins from organic fruits, vegetables and herbs, but inexpensive to add synthetic vitamins, so choosing a supplement based solely on cost is going to land you with a less healthy option (in many cases). Also, watch for yeast on the label, many companies will feed synthetic vitamins to yeast and then extract the "natural" vitamins from the yeast and call it good. They are still synthetic!

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