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Update Concerning COVID-19

The health and safety of our community is our number one concern. We have been keeping updated on new guidelines, protocols, and information about COVID-19 and are updating our safety procedures to follow CDC and Washington State Chiropractic Association guidelines.

We will be making the following changes until further notice:

  1. We will be prescreening patients PRIOR to entering the building. If you are scheduled, you will be receiving a phone call from our office. When you arrive for your appointment we kindly ask you to call before entering the building. We will meet you outside to take your temperature and conduct additional prescreening questions.

  2. If you are exhibiting, or have been in contact with someone who has exhibited any of the following symptoms please stay home, and call our office at (425) 888-4170 to discuss your needs and symptoms further

  3. Fever

  4. Cough

  5. Shortness of breath

  6. As an essential health care provider, we will remain open as long as we can or is mandated. This will allow us to assist the healthcare community by relieving visits to urgent care, hospitals or medical offices for conditions that chiropractors are well suited to treat. That being said, we will be transitioning to “ACUTE” care only. Acute care could mean different things to different people. So we will give you some guidelines to help make the best decision for yourself and others at this time. If you have a new injury/ pain (possibly from doing home projects or yard work during your stay at home) then please call to come in. If you are in a high risk category or a caregiver to a high risk person (older age, immune-compromised, diabetes, a pre-existing lung condition, heart disease) then please choose to stay home unless your symptoms are moderate- severe in nature and not tolerable to you for an extended period of time. If your symptoms are mild and tolerable then also please choose to stay home. If this does not describe your condition, we want you to know that we still care deeply about your health and wellbeing. We will be available by phone to consult about home care techniques that may be appropriate for you.

  7. We are asking that Ideal Protein clients order their food by calling our office (425) 888-4170. We suggest ordering at least 2 weeks’ worth of supplies. We will process payments over the phone and will deliver your order to your car at pick up. We are able to do virtual appointments by video chat or phone.

We plan to maintain our normal office hours, but may choose to leave early on any given day, so if you do not have a scheduled appointment, please CALL FIRST to make sure we are available.

We appreciate your cooperation and patience during these tough times. We will do our best to keep you informed on any changes to procedures and/or operations.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call our office at (425) 888-4170.

Wishing you the best in life and in health,

Drs. Jill and Scott Massengill

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