Dr. Kat Halloran, ND

Dr. Kat Halloran, ND is a graduate of Bastyr University and is a Board Certified Naturopathic Physician. She is also Board Certified in the specialty of Restorative Medicine by the AARM.


Dr. Kat specializes in Adrenal & Thyroid Repair, Auto-Immune Disease Support, Immune Wellness, Stress Management, Spiritual and Psycho-emotional related Health and Wellness. She also practices General and Family medicine.


Dr Kat says that she loves to help her patients in discovering the “missing pieces” of every individual health story and helping to support what each individual patient needs. She believes that it is time to begin “Transforming the Healthcare Paradigm”, and bring the healthcare industry back to understanding that there is more to health than just the physical, but rather a whole person, not just the body.


Dr. Kat also practices at her clinic in Edmonds, WA. To find out more about Dr. Kat, please visit her website, Quantum Light Healthcare


To contact Dr. Kat or to make an appointment:

Call her office at 425-774-1814 or 888-955-4443  If you need to contact Dr. Kat on the day of your appointment, please call her cell phone, 206-601-2612

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Naturopathy Care



If this is the first time you have seen a Naturopathic Physician, you are in for a treat. An appointment with an ND (Naturopathic Doctor) is an entirely different experience than an appointment with the majority of MD’s out there. Your first appointment will be 60 minutes, the doctor will get to know you as a person and also your personal medical history, current concerns and what you want to work on. The physicians at Quantum Light Healthcare are even more in-depth than most, because we also incorporate the emotional and spiritual aspects of your health into your over-all picture of wellness.

Follow-up appointments are between 30 and 60 minutes, depending on how much time is needed to address the things you are working on in that appointment.


In a follow-up appointment, the patient usually spends about 30 minutes lying on a massage-sized table while they talk to the doctor. On the table in every treatment room we have a piece of medical equipment called the Amethyst Bio-Mat. It is an amazing tool to create deep cell-repair and relaxation. For people coming for the first time, there will probably be less time for you to lie on the mat, as the doctor and you will be addressing many things in the initial appointment.


One of the questions that we are often asked is “How long should I expect to be in treatment?” The answer to that question is; We don’t know! Every body, mind and person is different and has a different capacity to help their body “reset” to health. Each individual picture of health is so different, that it is nearly impossible to give an estimate. Some of our patients can come in and see rapid changes in just a few appointments, and others who have more chronic, deep-seated, or a myriad of concerns can take over a year of fairly regular appointments to really delve into and address all the layers of what they have going on to create true change in their picture (These patients usually report feeling better than they had been in the first few visits, but require extra support in continuing their improvement).


For our Naturopathic appointments, we are a preferred provider with most major insurance companies. Some insurances cover Skype appointments with Doctors, however, phone appointments are not covered by insurance companies and will be a cash appointment, if you request one.